Stop Smoking Using a Clinical Evidence Based Programme

GoSmokeFree is a fully supported stop smoking programme available at participating pharmacies.

The programme begins with a pre-quit assessment where a smoker’s readiness and motivations to stop smoking is determined and a quit date is set, followed by four once a week, one-on-one sessions with a Nursing Sister who is trained as a GoSmokeFree advisor.

The follow up sessions are designed to provide support and guidance along the GoSmokeFree journey to triple your chances of success.

The GoSmokeFree Stop Smoking Programme consists of...


Determine your readiness and ability to stop smoking and develop an individual plan to stopping smoking.

Session includes Benefits
Pre-Quit Assessment Your readiness and ability to stop smoking
Nicotine Dependency Test Helps predict the severity of withdrawal symptoms
Carbon Monoxide Level Check Checking your health risk
Motivation to Quit Information to help with the when and how you will quit
Behaviour modification To prevent backsliding into old habits
Medication Discussion To improve your chances of a successful quit
Set Quit Date When you have all the information and are ready
GoSmokeFree Diary Motivational tool for your quit journey


Follow-up sessions designed to support and guide you once your quit date is set..

Session includes Benefits
Confirm quit date A commitment to ‘not a puff’
Quit Date Preparation and Quit Giving you the best chance of a successful quit
Four Post Quit Follow Up Sessions Weekly support, advice and motivation
Carbon Monoxide Level Checks Highly motivating to see levels dropping
Behaviour Change Support Weekly reminders and reinforcement of new healthy habits
GoSmokeFree Quit Certification Evidence of your quit success
Polmed Fedhealth Discovery Vitality Samwumed Bonitas AECI Horizon MB Med Barloworld SABC
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