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I had been smoking for 16 years since the age of 16 years old, and tried numerous times to stop smoking over the last 10 years with various methods all proving unsuccessful. In 2010 at the age of 24 I suffered a heart attack and the need to stop smoking first appeared for the obvious health issues. I had tried to quit cold turkey, using prescription medication, attending two different smoker cessation programs, to trying to give up with friends and even trying the technique of reducing the number of cigarettes smoked to eventually trying to stop altogether. This was every year since 2010 till present that I tried and failed using different techniques multiple times. I heard about the GoSmokeFree program via my company who were also encouraging me to attend. I decided to give it try so as to stop smoking 9 years after my heart attack! I honestly didn’t have much hope that this will work as the program relies a lot on self-discipline but the support received from the nurses who ran the programme with me was absolutely immense and the ladies from the GoSmokeFree program were nothing short of outstanding. They were understanding, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable about smoking, the effects of trying to stop smoking on the body and how to mitigate the triggers that generally resulted in me smoking, I haven’t smoked for 3 months, this after smoking literally a pack a day. I notice the different in my skin, general health and fitness, I now run 5km every other day without the sense of death and the whopping cough that all smokers know off, if I could give any smoker who genuinely wants to stop smoking, SIGN UP for this programme now, it’s the best decision I have made in a very, very long time. Thank you GOSMOKEFREE team!.


As I write this, I have been smoke - free 9 and a half weeks. It is still early days, but I know that I will never smoke again. I feel a new lease on life, I have so much more energy, strength and stamina. Food tastes incredible, and my house and car and even I smell so good! I celebrate all the good things that have come from this journey already, and I wish I had done it sooner in my life but I guess “better late than never” applies. I was a committed smoker from school age up to 60 years old. A glass of wine in one hand and a ciggie in the other was my identity, my persona. It was how I grew up – everybody did it, and I still believe that the smokers always have more fun!! So many of my friends were met in the “naughty corner” . I could no more imagine a life without cigarettes than a life without air. I loved smoking! My every waking moment revolved around getting to the next cigarette. I always heard that it was a matter of really “wanting” to give up, or some people have this epiphany or they are told that they “have” to give up or die, all these strong motives that you can’t really just conjure up. My feeling was that no-one “wants” to stop; you know that you should, that it is bad for you, expensive, etc etc but how do you make yourself “want” to stop? And if you don’t truly “want” to stop, you are doomed to fail. So I just want to say that I did not WANT to stop. Does anyone really? I wanted to be a non-smoker, to be healthy and clean and smell nice, but I honestly did not want to stop. I simply decided that it was time, that I had got away with it for long enough, and as much as I had enjoyed smoking all these years, I could not get away with it any longer. Once I stopped thinking that I had to want to stop, and accepted that that was not happening, everything changed. So I decided to stop anyway, and here I am 2 months later, a new person. I miss my smokes, I have to keep reminding myself that smoking was a false friend, and that I accept and understand that I will feel discomfort in the process of healing, and really and truly focus on appreciating the benefits. Thanks to all the support from friends, family, Go Smoke Free, every bit of help makes the difference. If I can do it, anyone can. With the right amount of prior and proper preparation and support you can actually change your mind-set.


GoSmokeFree has made quitting so much easier this time around. The clinic sister at the pharmacy has become like a friend. The check-ups and products are a great help. I highly recommend this programme.


The support I received from Connie at the GoSmokeFree program have been absolutely amazing! From the initial call, to making an appointment for me at my closest GSF Sister, to the follow-ups on my progress, shows that the GSF program truly cares and supports anyone who wants to quit. Saldene, thank you for your unwavering support, your understanding and encouragement. Having someone believing in my ability to finally be free of nicotine, was key to my success! I can't thank you enough!


My first session at was on the 4th of May and I suppose it helped that I was seen by a very friendly Sister Karen at the pharmacy in Mitchell's Plain. She explained every single detail to me very carefully from the cost of smoking to withdrawal symptoms to triggers etc. all I needed to know so mental equip myself as I chose the 20th of that same month to quit. When that morning arrived as is my normal habit of having a cup of coffee and a cigarette the minute I wake up I had no craving or even a thought of wanting to smoke. As the first week went by never felt like smoking even when I was in my normal social circles or at work surround by people that smoke. People still ask me up until today how I got it right and I could say I managed it on my own but it would be partially true as I could not have done it without the help of the GoSmokeFree program. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who want to quit for the greater good, it feels great to breathe with ease again.

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