World No Tobacco Day and Tips to Quit Smoking

May 4, 2016

With over five million people dying each year from smoking-related diseases, it’s no wonder that WHO (The World Health Organization) has set aside a day dedicated to encouraging more people to quit smoking. It is not only the act of smoking cigarettes that kills, but it’s estimated that over half a million people die each year from the ill-effects of secondary smoke.

Created as far back as 1987, World No Tobacco Day has faced a lot of mixed reactions in it’s thirty odd years of existence – from tobacco industries to avid anti-smokers. However, as more and more health risks related to smoking are revealed, there is no doubt that a day dedicated to giving up smoking and offering the best tips to quit smoking, is very much needed.

If you have been thinking of quitting smoking, there is no better time to start than now. Here are 5 tips to help you quit smoking and get on the path to better health this World No Tobacco Day.

1: Find Your Motivation

Whether it’s in honour of World No Tobacco Day or for a loved one in your life whose health is also affected by your smoking, the biggest gift you can give is to stop smoking cigarettes. Finding motivation and a reason to quit is the most important first step, as this will help push you through the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and help you stay on the wagon.

2: Have a Support System

Smoking cigarettes is not just a habit, it’s an addiction. Like with all highly addictive substances, when you quit you can expect withdrawal symptoms. Managing the effects of these without the support of friends or family, a group or a support service, such as GoSmokeFree, will make quitting smoking far more difficult to do.

3: Take a Break

Smoking habits are often used to help calm anxiety and keep one relaxed. Couple this with the extra anxiety you get from the nicotine withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking,  your stress levels can go through the roof. To help you manage this and kick the habit for good, take some time to do things which help you to relax. Keep active, have a spa day or book a massage. Anything that will help you remain calm will keep you from a relapse.

4: Stay Away from Triggers

One of the best ways to quit smoking and stay smoke-free is to avoid smoking triggers. The most widely known trigger is alcohol, the consumption of which makes sticking to your goal to quit smoking very difficult. In the first four weeks avoiding this and other triggers will help you stick to your guns and stay on the quit smoking wagon.

5: Choose Your Reward

If you are dedicated to quitting smoking this World No Tobacco Day, come up with a reward system to help keep you on track. It can be anything from a trip, to a shopping spree that you can reward yourself after every week or month you have managed to beat those nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Or why not put all the money you would have spent on smoking cigarettes into a jar, and when it’s full spoil yourself with something fabulous!

As World No Tobacco Day approaches, we hope these 5 quit smoking tips help you put a stop to cigarette smoking and ease those withdrawal symptoms.

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